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Answers to frequently asked questions

What do I need to get an instant loan?

A computer or smartphone / tablet with the Internet access, a bank card from any US bank issued to you.

Who can get a loan?

Requirements to borrowers: US citizenship, age 21 till 60, lack of significant time lending in credit history.

What city can I get a loan in?

Credit can be obtained in those States where it is not prohibited by law. The credit is executed on a site, the money is transferred to a bank card.

Do you need a surety, mortgage, or income statement to get a credit card?

No, we don’t. We do not need to provide anything from the above.

Do I need to visit your office and sign a contract?

No,I don’t. You create an application through the Internet. We make a loan decision online. Funds are transferred to your bank card.

What documents are needed to get a loan?

Don’t need to send or scan any documents. When you fill out the profile for the first time, you will need to provide true data, our system will automatically check the validity of the data.

Can I get a short-term loan if I already have loans in another organization?

Yes, you can get a short-term loan. The main requirement is not to have significant overdue payments.

Why microloans are more expensive than other types of loans?

If you decide to apply for a loan to a non-bank microfinance company that provides "payroll" loans, you need to understand the features of this product. Microloans are different from other types of loans:

  • They are designed to solve emergency tasks when you need money right now.
  • Such loans are provided for short periods.
  • In express loans from the borrower is not required to leave a deposit, attract guarantors and provide a lot of documents confirming solvency.


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